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Dometic PerfectCharge MCA 1225 25A Battery Charger

Dometic PerfectCharge MCA 1225 25A Battery Charger

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Product no.: PerfectCharge MCA 1225 25A
GTIN/EAN: 4015704250329
Manufacturer part number: 9600000029
Manufacturer: Dometic Germany GmbH
More products of: Dometic Germany GmbH

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Dometic Perfectcharge MCA 1225 25A battery charger

Dometic Perfectcharge MCA 1225 25A battery charger.
For charging batteries of all common lead-acid batteries, lead gel of 75 - 300 Ah

2 to 30 Ah Motorcycle = Motorcycle, ..
35 to 50 Ah small car = VW Polo, Opel Corsa, ...
50 to 70 Ah compact car = VW Golf, BMW 1 Series, ...
60 to 90 Ah middle class = Mercedes C-Class, BMW 3 Series, ...
90 to 110 Ah upper class = Audi A8, Jaguar XJ, ...
110 to 300 Ah Agricultural vehicles, motorhomes,
                                Delivery van, boat, yacht.

Short explanation:
The upper class of charging technology
For all common battery types
For smaller supply batteries:
Compact design, light weight
Recommended battery capacity: 75 - 300 Ah
Max. Charge current: 25 A

State-of-the-art charging technology, ultra-compact design and low weight. This automatic battery charger is quick and easy to install. It can charge three batteries at the same time and can be used worldwide with input voltages of 110 ?? 230 V. Ideal for frequent travelers and globetrotters.

Gentle charging of 12V batteries
Charge three batteries at the same time
Easy construction
6-stage charging characteristic
Overload / short circuit protection

This protects your battery:
Batteries are always 100% charged with the PerfectCharge IU0U Battery Charger. At least once a month, you should treat your battery to this luxury: this is the best way to preserve the longevity of batteries. If charge is not complete, sulfation may occur and the battery may age prematurely.

Charges three batteries at the same time:
The Dometic PerfectCharge MCA 1225 has three battery outputs to simultaneously charge two batteries and the starter battery. With the modern, 6-stage charging technology, it loads very carefully. The compact and lightweight design with practical screw connections allows quick and easy installation. With input voltages of 110 230 230 V, the device can be used anywhere in the world and charges reliably even when the input voltage drops. Ideal for frequent travelers and globetrotters. Useful enhancements: remote control, battery sensor, temperature sensor or Dometic MPC 01 battery controller for up to 30% faster charging.

6-STAGE IU0U charging technology
1: I phase: The dead battery is charged with a constant current until the battery voltage is at
         Charging voltage reached.
2-4: U0 phase: 3-stage absorption charging phase with constant voltage (U0). In the first 2 min.
         the charge of the battery is determined; then follows the main loading phase. This ends when the
         Battery is fully charged or the charge current for 15 minutes is less than 6% of the rated
         Charging current is.
5: U phase: The charger switches to trickle charge.
6: Conditioning: Every 12 days the charger switches back to phase 1 to close the battery
         revive and prevent sulfation.

Technical specifications:
Model: MCA 1225
Battery connection: 2 + 1 A starter battery output
Battery Type: Lead Acid Battery (Lead, AGM, Gel)
Input voltage: 90 - 260V
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Final charge voltage: 14.4 / 14.7 V
Trickle charge voltage: 13.8V
Max. Charge current: 25 A
Recommended battery capacity: 75 - 300 Ah
UO phase limit: 8 or 16 h
IP protection class: IP21
Efficiency: = 92%
Continuous power at 25 ° C: 370,00 W
Min. Operating temperature: -20.00 ° C
Max. Operating temperature: 50.00 ° C
Product depth: 238 mm
Product height: 63 mm
Product width: 179 mm
Net weight: 1.7 kg
Packaging: 324 mm x 114 mm x 236 mm
HAN: 9600000029
EAN: 4015704250336
Weight including packaging: 2.9 kg

Battery charger, 230V connection cable

Dometic PerfectCharge MCA 1225 25A Battery Charger

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